Meridian Audio

The objective

Meridian Audio are one the world’s leading audio manufacturers, having helped to shape the high-end audio market over the last forty years through their pioneering technologies and products. Their vision and dedication in delivering unrivalled and immersive audio is what drives them to be ‘The Pioneers of High Resolution Audio.’ The objective was to create a brochure which helped share the Meridian Audio story and convey their brand to their retailers; a brand which is built upon thought leadership, vision and a relentless passion for the very best sound quality. Our secondary objective was to make a statement within the audio industry whilst also celebrating Meridian’s 40th Anniversary and create a usable marketing tool that would have a clear impact on product sales.

The response

Working closely with the marketing team, we positioned this tool as a ‘brand book’ with a clear story and a mix of lifestyle, product and conceptual imagery. Each chapter of the story helped convey their philosophy, dedication and personality, with a significant focus on the emotion of sound and what it feels like to listen to a Meridian Audio system. Commissioning renowned x-ray artist Nick Veasey, we captured a series of x-rays of Meridian products and carefully coloured them to create a contemporary aesthetic which communicates the authenticity of the products but also the unrivalled clarity. A photoshoot at the Meridian HQ added to the narrative and the print, a mix of coated and uncoated stocks, gave the brand book a luxurious and tactile feel.

Disciplines: creative direction, copywriting, design, photographic art direction, retouching & print management.

Original x-rays by Nick Veasey. Speaker & location photography by Terry Paul. All retouching by Studio Mad Keen